Installation, 2013.
12 VHS Tapes (4:3, color, stereo, 30 min. each), TV/VHS-Player, Catalogue, Seats, Carpet, Curtains.

with Ale Bachlechner and Stefan Ramírez Pérez

„Hello Darling. And welcome to Twelve Roses Dating Agency. I‘m glad you took the first step, now the hard part is over. Make yourself comfortable.You can just sit back and browse through our extensive video archive. Meet our hand-picked clientele of exciting per- sonalities. The catalogue in front of you will help you gain an over view. If one of our clients piqued your interest you can find his or her video via the indicated reference number. You won‘t believe the fascinating things they have to say. After all these years in the business, I‘m still surprised by the power and directness of their testimonials.“

For the Installation Twelve Roses (Video Archiv) we designed a viewing station for the dating videos collected in the Beirut performances. In a catalogue the participants of the original performances are presented shortly and a reference number directs the interested viewer to one of 12 VHS tapes containing the dating interview. The viewer can thus browse through the dating catalogue, operating the TV and VHS-Player by him- or herself.

The dating interviews are framed by short performative sequences in which we present and advertise our dating agency, among other thing supplying a telephone number through which the visitors can get in touch with us.  LESS.